Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®

What Is The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®?

The patented Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® is an exciting totally revolutionary method to treat Overactive Bladder (OAB) which is based on the exhaustive research and overwhelming patient outcomes of Florida based Doctor of Oriental Medicine Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC. During his time working as a general practitioner he sought to understand why his patients with OAB symptoms overwhelmingly improved due to his professional advice, and slowly over many, many years he connected the dots.

The patented non-invasive Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® procedure and its patented urinary health aid is the culmination of years of research based directly on working individually with both male and female patients of all ages. Its pioneer, Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC, stands firmly resolute in his belief that the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® will completely revolutionize how medicine approaches both the diagnosis and treatment of OAB both now and far off into the future.

The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® procedure is a totally safe, effective, all-natural, and non-invasive approach to minimize or eliminate OAB symptoms without the need for side-effect prone prescription medication or possibly dangerous surgery. It is most closely related to a European osteopathic technique called Visceral Manipulation, in which the hands of the Osteopath manually increases an organs degree of travel inside of the body to allow for the restoration of proper organ function.

However, completely unlike Visceral Manipulation, the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® does not require a dedicated healthcare practitioner the difficult job of manually manipulating a patients abdominopelvic cavity. Instead, it is a self-performed rehabilitative manipulation procedure specifically done by the patient’s themselves under the strict care and guidance of an experienced healthcare practitioner trained in the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® method.

The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® procedure itself is self-performed with the patented external urinary health aid that wraps around the patient’s waist and helps them to properly perform the very exact procedure. The external urinary health aid itself is made of 3 materials including medical grade velcro, latex resistance band commonly used by physical therapists, and surgical grade plastic utilized in spine surgery.

Inspired by the possibility of real genuine life changing results and the high success rate that patients who have underwent the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®, Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC, ultimately patented both its powerfully effective procedure to treat OAB in unison with its external urinary health aid

Over his years in practice treating OAB patients he arrived at the conclusion of the sheer dependable effectiveness of the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® based on very carefully weaving together these 6 totally different types of findings :
1) Before and after objective findings based on palpation of the patients abdominopelvic area
2) Before and after objective findings based on decreased measurement of the patients abdominopelvic area
3) Before and after subjective patient reports of changes in a patients tendency to have frequent urination
4) Before and after subjective patient reports of changes in a patients tendency to have urgent urination
5) Before and after subjective patient reports of changes in a patients tendency to have nighttime urination
6) A total of 80 different medical studies that show an undeniable relationship between bladder and bowel function.

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What Do We Know About Overactive Bladder?

Up until now, what we know is that modern medicine as advanced as it is simply still doesn’t know everything about OAB. The Mayo Clinic’s website clearly states that “Often, the specific cause of an overactive bladder isn’t known.”

This is in light of years of research into the diagnosis and treatment of Overactive Bladder. Even as our modern medicine continues to develop new treatments and millions are poured into research this still does not change the fact that often times we don’t know its specific cause.

When reading between the lines this phrase speaks volumes about a “missing component” or components which has not yet been identified. However, is it possible that this mysterious component has actually been hiding in plain sight right under our noses the whole time?

Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC believes that this missing critical componant is actually the relationship between bladder AND bowel function.  As a result of this the “turgor effect” results and is the cause of the undesirable interaction between the two viscera. For more details about the turgor effect and how it specifically relates to OAB continue reading below.

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How Does The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® Treat OAB?

We know that specific viscera, the prostate gland in males, and the uterus in women all affect the proper functioning of the urinary bladder under different unique circumstances. When these structures invade the space of the bladder it causes the expanded upon definition of the Turgor Effect.

The Turgor Effect when specifically applied to OAB results when a structure from outside of the bladder penetrates into it and invades the bladders space thereby preventing it from properly functioning. In the case of men with prostatitis, we know that once the prostate gland shrinks back down to size that symptoms of urinary urgency, frequent urination, and night time urination symptoms cease to exist.

In the case of pregnant women, we know that once the baby is born and the head of the baby is no longer compressing the bladder down that symptoms of frequent urination, and night time urination symptoms ultimately cease to exist as the woman heals. And in the case of constipation in both men and women, we know that once the stool passes through the intestines and stops putting pressure on the bladder that that symptoms of urinary urgency, frequent urination, and night time urination symptoms cease to exist.

Beyond that, Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC posits that there is a normal and natural wider holistic spectrum to bowel health then just extremes like constipation. When the small and large intestine which are located superiorly and posteriorly to the bladder are not holistically healthy then OAB symptoms will ensue. Contrarily, when bowel health is in homeostasis OAB symptoms won’t appear.

So the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® procedure treats OAB by rehabilitating the area immediately surrounding the bladder which allows it to to RE-EXPAND and refill with a normal volume of urine which is otherwise impossible with poor bowel health. It is also possible that the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® also works by through assisting to increase the rate of peristalsis by which will move stool and gas down and out through the bowels.

The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® also has the capacity to naturally breakdown adhesion’s that may form due to a variety of injuries which can interfere with normal urinary bladder function. Once flexibility is restored in the abdominopelvic region via the muscle fibers becoming unknotted, OAB symptoms dwindle and the bladder shifts back towards normal functioning.

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The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® Addresses The Concept Of A “Small Bladder”

Often times when a medical doctor or urinary specialist cannot explain why exactly a patient suffers from OAB, so they brush it off by telling the patient that they have a “small bladder”. This though is in spite of that patient never under going ultrasound imaging or even urodynamics to reveal specific testing details.

However, when looked at more closely through careful analysis and deduction something specifically happened to that patient because they previously experienced normal urinary functioning and then something eventually changed. So at that time with normal urinary function the patient did not have a small bladder i.e. it’s not possible to go from having a normal bladder that holds a normal volume of urine due to a bladder becoming “small”.

Based on Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC’s cumulative experience with working with OAB patients, there is no such thing as a small bladder. He understands this to be true because once OAB symptoms go away thanks to the the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®, the patient no longer has a “small bladder” i.e. that patients bladder can successfully refill with a normal amount of urine.

Furthermore, flying in the face of controversy, the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique continually demonstrates that is no such thing as an unhealthy bladder as it relates to dry OAB. Based on his replicatable results this explains why a patient’s OAB symptoms easily get minimized or eliminated.

And that is because it is the area that SURROUNDS the bladder which is unhealthy whereby the large and small intestine has lost flexibility and thereby is invading the space of the bladder or adhesions are restricting bladder function. However, once the large and small intestine gains visceral flexibility back again and/or ones adhesion are managed and reduced ones OAB symptoms overtime become first minimized and then eventually eliminated.

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The Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® Can Be Utilized for Both Types of OAB

OAB is often broken down into 2 different types: dry and wet. The symptom of urinary leaking demarcates wet OAB versus dry OAB. .

Given that wet OAB patients also experience other symptoms of increased urinary frequency, and/or increased urinary urgency and/or increased nighttime urination, the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique is perfect for these patients. To help with urinary leaking, in addition to the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC has a patient perform kegal exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Studies have shown that kegal exercises are effective when performed over a specific amount of time and performed in a specific way. When coupled together the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique together with kegal exercises can help a patient with both dry or wet OAB and its symptoms.

If necessary 12 sessions of PTNS treatments utilizing acupuncture in the practice can be applied as well in order to improve urinary leaking due to incontinence.

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Potential Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® Pathomechanisms:

  1. Stimulation of nerve pathways
  2. Activation of the pelvic floor
  3. Increased space around the bladder due to adipose tissue compressing the bladder in obese patients

It is the opinion of the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® inventor that multiple pathomechanisms are involved in helping patients with OAB.  Due to possible pelvic floor activation the possibility exists that this treatment can have a larger range of applications including stress incontinence.

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